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Delivery Services

Courier Service

When you need a package to be delivered from point A to B, call BK Courier Express. Our couriers are waiting for their instructions from you on what you need, where you need it, and when you need it. We keep it simple and we get it done. All you have to do is pick up your phone and reach us at (508) 726-2676.

Long-Haul Trucking

If you have cargo that needs to travel a great distance, then BK Courier Express is the team for the job. As a well-established long-distance trucking company, you can always feel confident with us on the road. Our careful planning process and experienced drivers ensure that we always get to our destination on time. Find out more and discuss your transportation needs by calling (508) 726-2676.

Hot Shot Trucking Services

Are you looking for a trucking company that can transport your smaller, time-sensitive cargo from one destination to the next? If so, we invite you to request the hot shot trucking services of BK Courier Express.

Commercial Couriers

If you are looking for a courier service who can deliver important documents across town in a timely fashion, look no further than BK Courier Express. With our vehicles and our licensed couriers, there is simply no better team than us. Call us at (508) 726-2676 today.

Delivery Services

BK Courier Express provides dedicated delivery services that private residents and other businesses in our city depend on. We are a fleet of licensed and insured professionals that are committed to making your experience with us second to none.

Expedited Trucking

BK Courier Express is the premium company for expedited services in the area. If you need to get your shipment delivered quickly, our team of licensed and experienced truckers can provide you with the reliable and fast expedited service you need.

Freight Transportation

No matter your business, it’s important that your stock ships on time. Whether you sell products or provide a specific service, you’ll need to deal with large shipments one way or another. BK Courier Express is proud to provide fast and accurate shipping to suit various needs.

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